Bitcoin has been on the rise for another week or two, and then crypto analysts will start making predictions. They always expect a price that is a multiple of the current one – in times like this, when the trend is upward – and they are almost always wrong. There are nice patterns to recognize. BNR But first, let’s take […]

Previous generations of video cards and CPUs are also running out and rising in price

Even hardware from the previous generation is running out and therefore rising in price, according to an inventory by Tweakers. That the brand new GeForce RTX 3000 video cards from Nvidia and Ryzen 5000 processors from AMD are barely available is not news, but components from the previous generations are also becoming increasingly scarce. One of the most striking examples […]

Ethereum Bounces But ETH Price Threatens To Turn $2.3K Into New Resistance

The Federal Reserve chairman sidelined inflation concerns, which appears to have coincided with a relief for Ethereum. Ethereum Bounces But ETH Price Threatens To Turn $2.3K Into New Resistance. Ethereum’s native token Ether (ETH) recovered $2,000 during New York’s early trading hours on Wednesday as crypto traders reviewed Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s prepared congressional statement. The ETH/USD exchange rate […]