Bitcoin has been on the rise for another week or two, and then crypto analysts will start making predictions. They always expect a price that is a multiple of the current one – in times like this, when the trend is upward – and they are almost always wrong. There are nice patterns to recognize.


But first, let’s take a look at those predictions from this week. Nicolas Merten, a popular crypto YouTuber with at least 350,000 subscribers, predicts a Bitcoin of $ 30,000 by the end of next year. But entrepreneur Anthony Pompliano, investor and podcaster, is more likely to think of $ 225,000. And Raoul Pal of RealVision, another financial YouTube channel, even predicts a value of $ 1 million in 2025 – but that’s a bit on the extreme side. France Crypto predictions is popular.


Very often these predictions aim too high. In 2018, the year that Bitcoin collapsed and the trend was really down, the predictions remained far above reality: the lowest documented forecast was $ 15,000, it became $ 3,000. Yes, a lower amount was predicted, but such realistic ghosts are quite rare and not as loud as the fanboys. If you look at the predictions for the end of 2019, 10,000 was the lowest and 40,000 the highest. It became $ 6,000. John McAfee is head and shoulders above the rest with his prediction. He is still fighting in a Spanish prison against extradition to the US for tax evasion. He predicted a Bitcoin of one million in mid-2018, before the end of this year. But when he realized that he was going to be wrong, he just said it was a joke.


We have already reached $ 12,000, the prediction of Mike Novogratz, a well-known bitcoiner. But up to now, this former hedge fund manager has not been caught with any knowledge of the matter: he predicted a Bitcoin of 40,000 before the end of last year. Anthony Pompliano, who predicts 225,000 for next year, predicted a Bitcoin of 50,000 by the end of 2018, so that became 3,000. And Raoul Pal is also interesting: he now predicts a Bitcoin of 1 million dollars for 2025. As a date approaches, the predictions of these glass ball viewers drop. You hardly ever see the reverse. Netherlands cryptocurrency is popular.

What’s in the Cryptocast this week?

Easy: Robert Reinder Nederhoed, of the BitMyMoney exchange office but also the creator of Blandlord, in which a group of investors jointly bought real estate, shared ownership, recorded on the blockchain with automatic distribution of rental income. One of the few blockchain projects that actually work in the wild and are successful. But it must not grow and Robert Reinder will explain why. Tomorrow at the end of the afternoon you can check if that works out.